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Thursday, December 15, 2005

God confuses.

God himself is the truth and reality. when he comes and walks among us, the truth attracts us and we all know the truth and we stop our cosmic acting in our roles. so, i feel God creates maya, and confuses our conception about him and makes us to doubt him. Or our own long companion, the ignorance, would first doubt him. God also wants it and he acts in line with our ignorance. Because his mission is that true sadhaka only will know his presence by his long effort . Thats why, when avatar walks with us, lots of ugly roomours spread about him, to drive away ignorant, weak minded people, who would take many more births to get that opportunity. As all gurus say, when we start believing, never give up the belief come what may.Even if your all senses prove you are wrong, stick to that so called wrong thing. Finally it reveals itself as right.
my progress:: reduced wasting time in games. started sleeping a bit early and getting up atleast by 7am. watching Guru on vcd or computer and rememebering him before i sleep.



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