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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Know Thyself- Spirituality through Self Realization

Tyagayya is a telugu devotee and worshipped relegiously Sree Rama and had nirvana from his musical worship of God. He is a karana janmudu which means, a person took birth with a purpose. All his life , he was composing excellent lyrics, songs on God Rama and dedicated to Him only, denying the riches offered by local king asking to dedicate songs to him and to compose songs on him. Tyagayya is also called as Tyagaraj, tyagaraja Bhagavatar and he is the maestro in karnatic music. All the karnatic musician respect him and treat him as their guru and sing definitely his compositions in every concert. Tyagaraju lived in the years of 1847, well in our age. He got the darshan of God Rama which means he has seen God with his eyes. He was given the great celestial Music book Swara arnavam by Narada. From reading it he learnt most esoteric music lessons and composed on Lord Rama kritis which means lyrics and dedicated to God. He was a very serious God worshipper and daily he used to repeat the name of Lord Rama thousands of times. He got power because of the recitation. He got help from Maruthi, or anjaneya or monkey God in getting the darshan of rama. He learnt music from another music scholar sonti venkata ramana. Tyagaraja bhagavatar lived in present tamilnadu state ,near kaveri river. Five of his compositions are called pancha ratnas and all the music scholars of karnatic music sing them in tyagaraja aaradhana utsavas, that is the annual celebrations of tyagaraja. He has shown one way to please God through music. He has devine blessings in composing these songs, so they will be there forever.

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