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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Mantra Yantra Tantra

This world is full of challenges for a man. The challenges may be for achieving his worldly goals or for self realization. Very few work for self realization.99.9 percent people work for material gains. It is not bad also. It may be most normal also.
All great saints, godly men agreed for this also. They never say no for our worldly business. Only thing what they advise is , "dont be carried away with your worldly business. Dont attach to it. Do it with perfect detachment." Detachment means, you will not feel over joy when you get million dollars contract or you will not depress when you loose your entire thing.
ok. Let us assume that we work for detachment.So, we have to find out ways how best we can utilize the unknown controlling forces, which may also be called demi gods to achieve our goals.
Now that all the epics, scriptures declared that it is not bad for a person to work for worldly business, and also some demigods and forces were identified to acheive this, it would be wise to know how best we can achieve our worldly targets using them.
Worldly targets are like success in exams(children, students), good marriage, winning goals in business, achieving back health, getting rid of troubles, debts so on and so forth.
For achieving these things, three objects are defined as useful. They are Mantra, Yantra and Tantra. Mantra is a combination of syllables which on repetetion will release energy or power that can be used to achieve our wish. You can accumulate the energy released by constant recitation of mantra for your worldly use. Different mantras are available for different purposes.
Yantra means it is some arrangement to achieve the energy or to concentrate the universal energy on to our wish domain to achieve the results. Yantras ,popularly , would be written on thin sheet of copper or any other metal . This yantra can be fixed in home and it will do the needful. Wearing gem stone will also comes in this category .
Tantra looks like a combination of above two and some times it is risky to take this path. Tantra involves in conducting some rituals, using some items in a prescribed way to achieve the results.Black magic comes in to this category. To achieve benefits through tantra , it is always advisable to have a guru or a guide who knows ins and outs of this tantra.
India is full of people with tantra but normal people are away from these tantriks and discourage these activities.
So, to achieve our goals the first two methods are sufficient. We can win in our race for achievement by utilizing mantra and yantra which are harmless.
These methods will be discussed here, and anybody who has some interest in these things may experiment and find results.
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