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Friday, February 3, 2006

Why to Salute God?

"You will realize Me only when you keep Me in your mind, pray to Me with devotion, think of Me, salute Me, concentrate and meditate upon Me in full faith." (Gita 9-34)
A very important verse from Geetha (Bhagawad Gita) for self realization and to protect us from the clutches of maya and perishing.
One aspect is interesting to watch. Normal man will not find any objection to all the directives like think of me, surrender to me but when the Lord says Salute to me, it raises a slight question in the inner minds of many.
why should we salute? what he gets by my salute? What he looses if i dont salute? Even if i agree to salute how many times i should?
The reason , perhaps for these questions in mind , is , in our world, we salute to some one out of acceptance of soverignity of the other. Normally nobody likes to accept another person as great. so, though he salutes to any living entity, he feels some thing in his mind.Even when God directed him to salute, his monkey mind frowns at God!
If you go a bit deeper, Lord Krishna said "mam namaskuru". This may be translated as salute or something else. namaskuru can also mean, na maha kuru, declare not mine, ; namaha is also translated as not mine ( na=not mah=mine). so, when you live by denying that every thing you see and feel is not yours , that may also can become namaskar to God. Even this thought is enough for Him to rescue us. Salutation need not be with hand or body. Mind is the best organ to reach God. This type of namaskar, or salutation leads us to detachment and God can easily show us the way to kaivalyam or salvation.


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