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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Heal Thyself-Queen Afua

Queen Afua is afro american and opened a healing center in New York 18 years ago and "healing" women from their troubles. She heals their bodies and claims that she heals souls also. But cleaning soul has different meanings in different relegions. Her theory is that woman's womb is the prime center of all the disturbances because one important chakra lies there. To heal a woman, this chakra in the womb has to be cleaned with some powers and efforts. She agrees that there are chakras in the human body and womb is the first of the nine dwaras (openings) defined by the Hindu philosophy. Queen Afua wrote a book Heal Thyself for Health and Logevity was sold over 100,000 copies and opened way for holistic healing of afro american women.It is also said that she saw the spiritual significance of a woman's womb in the form of the Neter (Goddess) Nut. This led to her to recognizing the womb as the female sacred center.In her recent book, "Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind and Spirit", Queen Afua writes "Arit is the original khamitic word for 'spiritual energy center' or 'gateway'. The aritu (plural) are also referred to as the chakras. The womb arit corresponds to the second chakra representing the aspects of procreation, inspiration and family Sacred Woman training. she conducts 21 day sacred womb training where she introduces to sacred food, sacred movement, sacred spaces, sacred beauty, sacred healing, sacred relationship and sacred lotus initiation. So this is another new type of healing. What ever may be the process, the mind belief, faith is the energy that concentrates on healing process. The faith supported healing power would be rised by the healers like Queen Afua. The left out problem is what about the counter part of this treatment for men who have no womb.. If you consider past history, epics , traditions, women are entirely different from men and both are not exactly equal and same. probably one is the conjugate of the other.

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