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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Way to know thyself goal.

what is knowthyself: Know thyself is nothing but knowing yourself completely. It is the highest order knowing after which you need not know anything. What exactly we mean by knowing oneself. It is knowing who we are, where from we came, where we all go after this life, with what elements we are made of, what is the purpose of life. The answers for all the above questions is the solution to know ourselves.
we are not the body, we are not the mind, we are not the prana(life energy). How can we say? Body is changing continuously. Even though the body is mutilated or burnt, we identify it as the body of you by dna tests or any other tests. second thing is , we say it is my body, that means, we are different from body. This is my pen means, i am not the pen. pen is different from me. similarly we say this is my mind. that means some body is possessing the mind. so, we are not the mind. some people can kill their mind, or annihilate mind or control the mind. so, we are not mind,as we are controlling it. we are not organs, because so many organs form to help you and without any organ also you exist. Then who we are? This is knowing thyself.
when you are awake, you are there. when asleep without knowing anything, still you exist. when you die, you will still exist. if you believe in rebirth, you will take another birth. This I is eternal, that is the self. That is the God. This single I what we refer to us, is a drop in the ocean of God. All Is together will form a part of the unseen, all knowing God.
why to know: Becasue it is the sole purpose of this life. we take this birth as a sequence of our past karmas, in past lives. while repaying the debts we made in past life and to collect what payments we have to in this life because of past life good deeds. But while just doing these things, why should we waste our life. If we simultaneously do some good deeds, improve ourself, and know ourself, we need not take birth again. Knowing yourself is also called the gyan, or supreme wisdom. This burns away all your sins and you yourself become God.You will know every thing in the world. Becasue all the universe is present in you in miniature.All elements in the world are present inĀ  you also. if you know once the gyan, you will not forget it. It is such a thing that if it comes once , it will not go forever.
how to know: To know thyself, it takes lot of effort. The effort should be pointed. You should be guided by a real guru, who knows all these process. If guru is not there, if you get eligibility to have guru, the God will show you a guru. sometimes, a guru come in search of you. Without guru , it is almost impossible to realize self.To get the eligibility to get a guru, or to advance in the self realization path, we should cultivate good habits, live in better way as presecribed in relegious books,. There are many methods to improve yourself day by day. You have to worship God through 9 ways of bhakti. If this is not ok for you, follow the 8 fold yoga to purify yourself. If you do not purify yourself, the mind will distract you and take away from the goal.
where to know: This is an esoteric knowledge. A guru will tell you and teach you the important things in authoritative way which instills confidence in you. Meanwhile, you may refer books to know the experiences of others. Read relegious texts to understand the process.
when to know: There is no specific time to know thyself When you cross the age of 16 you are eligible. If a child starts practicing right living from his childhood, he can cut shor the time for self purification. You can start this knowing thyself at any time before you die. If you are lucky, you can realize yourself in one day, or seven days even, though it is very difficult.
This know thyself effort is for every one, male, female, young or old.


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