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Monday, July 2, 2007

indian president election

Pratibha patil candidature for presedential polls has became hot debating subject. Many a learned man, professor, CEO denounced her urge to occupy the respected position with her black dirty past history. Pratibha patil is involved in gratifying scandal, in which she started a cooperative bank in her local place, favoured her relatives in issuing loans beyond the capacity of the bank and failed to collect the loans. As a result the bank died or closed. Pratibha patil also received big chunk of loan from this bank. Now if a woman of this stature aims for a presedent post of India Inc, what should we say? What is her eligibility , right to sit in that seat? Her beiing woman and being supported by the crooked political party? every voter of this electoral college knows about her and dislike to waste his or her vote on a least competetive candidate.. If the secret ballot throws her out of the race, it would not be a matter of surprise.
This is a clear case of destiny.. all the two dozen politicians decided to throw a worthless candidate as president of india. But they can not change the destiny. what God wills that only will happen. Let us see what God wills.

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