Know thyself advised Gurus, Masters and avatars who changed the life of ours

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Know thyself Quotes:

This know thyself command is very famous and almost all saints, masters insisted on this . we see some of the quotes in this. Thales is a greek philosopher who lived in 543 BC to 635 BC. He was an eminent philosopher. He said "know thyself" in dogenes laertius. He is one among the famous seven sages of greek.
Ramana maharshi, the most authentic enlightened guru from tiruvannamalai, suggested to know thyself by self enquiry. Sri satya sai baba said "know thyself, because every thing is in you. nothing from outside, outside universe is in you in a miniature form" What is in chidakasam ( in your small space) is in mahadaakasam ( outer space).
Socrates quoted to know thyself by enquiry and questions. Meher baba indicated to remove the veil between you and the God by knowing yourself.

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