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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Positive Affirmations:

Reaction resound and Reflexion:
I met my cousin recently who is of 35 years age. He is not eating iceream or sweets with a fear that he is overweight and he may get blood pressure and sugar complaint as a heredity. He also confirmed that he is getting of late small pains in the knee and guessed that is because of over weight. His weight is only 75kg and height is about 5ft 4 inches. I have seen many many people with this worry. All are afraid of obseity or over weight to their age. In my opinion, the most dangerous part or harm we can do to our body is injection of fear about a trouble to the body.
When you slightly suspect that you may get blood pressure or sugar complaint, your body would be ready to receive it. Every cell in your body would be ready to identify the trouble and give passive resistance. It is like lost battle because of fear. You loose that battle before you start it. Similarly, when you body hears about the disease many times, it would be ready to accept that trouble, sickness otherwise the cells will fight to kill that new antibody or anything till they die.
Suppose if you discuss more about chinese guest who would visit your home at any day and take his goods kept in your home, which belongs to him. Your family members would always be listening this talk, conversation about the chines guy. When you are asleep in your room, any chines person may visit your home on his own work , eg chines sales person, then the family member who opens door and sees him, readily assume he is that chinese guest and further the member may show the place of goods to be taken. The new sales person may silently take away the goods and vanish. When you get up and find, the family member excuses you for mentioning the chines guest name always and the culprit for this folly is you alone!
Similarly, do not trust any magazine article, doctor's free advice about the possible diseases to you and never trust them. Not much harm if you do not trust God, but harm is sure if you trust these theories. We all have to have positive affirmations only because they change our body and life.
Know thyself everything in this world is Reaction, Reflection and Resound. What you do to others will come back to you, how you act so it happens and what you talk so it happens.


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