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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Meher baba continued:

When i recollect about the great avatar meher baba's story in many books, i appreciated the great event of collecting about 30 Masts from in and around India and keep them in one place. A mast is a person who is in the path of self realization, and stuck in the 4th or 5 level. He looks like a mad man for outside world. He never cares the world and drives it away. A great saint or avatar only can help them to go ahead into next plane in their journey. I also read in those books, that once one deciple opened the door of meher baba in midnight and fainted, as he saw peculiar demons or spirits taking orders from him . Actually all are forbidden to enter the room at those hours. It is quite interesting if you select some books and read from him, as it gives lot of worthy information about this world, creation, saints, avatars, God. You may search in the amazon box provided in this blog to search with " meher baba" keyword. I recommend the discourses book from the collections.


Blogger Dan said...


You might want to consider changing your reference to Baba's Discourses to the following:

The most prevalent edition of the Discourses, the 7th, contains thousands of editorial changes that Baba did not authorize, made after His death. The 6th edition, available at the above site, is the last edition Baba personally approved.


Dan Tyler

February 16, 2007 at 6:11 AM  

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