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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

chinese proverb know thyself

Know thyself to know others, for heart beats like heart. This is an important proverb from china. The great command Know thyself has reached or was active in china region also, as this is a great concept from wise men and philosophists where ever they exist. So china philosophers also stressed on the philosophical concept of know thyself and provided a proverb "know thyself to know others" and an example is also given that a heart beats like another heart. If you know about your heart or any heart, you can know about other hearts. The word to know others is important. It confirms that all the entity or matter or power in one human being is the same with all other human beings. We can extend this to or derive the concept from the above that what exists, pervades all over universe is in you and in others also at the same time, in the same condition.


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