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Monday, February 5, 2007

Know That You

know that u image
know that u is a very important hint or command in the process of know thyself. From observing that line, we notice there are three keywords and they are Know, that, u (you). Entire world is the mix of that and you. That is the great brahman from which entire universe has evolved.If you feel hard to believe, sun came from some galaxy, earth from sun, all the things on earth coming just from the earth. So, the only existing thing is that. And you is a manifestation from That and you will again join That after your life period here on earth. So, To * know thyself* , you should know what is that what is You or this. This is told as know that u. All scriptures reiterate that you are nothing other than that but you are in a miniature form. For example, the froath, bubbles in the sea is not different from sea or ocean but part of it. At the same time, we can not say the bubble and the sea are exactly equal. We have to know that we are bubble in the ocean. The bubble has same properties as the sea has but the magnitude differs. A man can not become God with full potency, though he him self is god.Evenafter knowing thyself, and doing lot of purifications for your past karmas, you may be similar to God in appearance and rank. But the creation and destroying powers will never be given to you, even if you reach and live in the palace of God. This is expalined by the words saameepya, saaroopya and saayujya. * Saameepya* means, you are given a rank to live in the vicinity of God, like living in his world, in his palace.If you are still great and earned more grace, you get *saaroopya,* which means you like Him and you dress exactly like Him in his palace. But you can not do the things which he can do, like creation, destroying. * Saayujya *menas merging in Him, there is no difference from Him and you are part of Him. This is from vedic knowledge and based on vaishnavite theory.

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