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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Dress and address Significance

There is a famous movie actor and during an interview , he told that he received a message from his father that "Dress and address are very important for any man to become great in his life". The meaning of this is that if a person cares for his dress, apparel and also how he addresses others , then his journey would be fine. He can reach his goal. Though the message is given by an ordinary father, this has a very good sense in this. Normally, a person would be decided by his dress. What color of dress he is wearing, what combination of colors of apparel he is having, will be looked by the other person, and automatically an impression would be formed on him. Further his talk would be evaluated based on this first impression. This is testified by the Management books also. So, in normal world, when we want to impress some body in our day to day business, it is better to wear a good combination of dress, which gives pleasant appearance to others. It is not advisable to wear striking , gaudy color shirts or pants, though we personally like it. Let us keep those gaudy colors for our night robes. Full white color dress conveys a good , peaceful message to others while, a red color will help for providing confidence to the wearer . Some studies by psychologists indicate that red color shirt people will win normally. They also found out that some type of talisman , if wore , would some how increase the winning chances . Though they could not find the exact reason for this, this is a finding.
The second point is, the addressing method. When we want to convey some message, it should be very polite. courtesy begets courtesy. When you address even a new person, whom you may not further meet in your life, courteseously, the other person remembers you. A good addressing would avoid lot of conflicts and mis understandings. Even a harsh message can be conveyed with good , courteous addressing.Many saints, great people talk very slowly, gently and address courteously.


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