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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Freedom in life from fate

Very important question we get when we think of horoscopes,destiny,fate etc is:Are we free to lead a life here on this earth,or we are fully destined to live in a predetermined wayMany people think that we are just nothing other than puppets in the hands of destiny, what ever should happen in our life has already been determined and the same can be read through horoscopes and palmistry like sciences. This may not be true. Because, if our life exclusively depends on our past karmas and our prarabda, what for we are here? what is the value for our intellegence, hardwork,and guru's blessings?
These three are very valuable in this cosmic drama.Then, we can infer that the horoscope foretells approximately what type of things may happen at what age for a given person or entity based on the birth time. This is true. Now , if a person has a very bad period and destined to be poor, his hard work may make him self sufficient or a bit rich. But he has to put extra efforts to go against the odds. If his stars forecast a happy, rich life at an age, with even lesser amount of hardwork also he can get the riches or happiness. (ofcourse, happiness is a relative term). Here what ever shortage of work he put, was compensated by his past karma which was the result of his extra work (balance carried forward) from previous lives. Now the ;guru; aspect.Guru is very powerful and he knows the destiny or fate of his desiple. He cleverly amends that hardships like this. once one guru suddenly asked his desciple to go to a hospital and distribute fruits to the patients there and spend some time.
After few days, the Guru explained him that hospitalization was written for him in those days. Guru, amended it by keeping his desciple in hospital environment voluntarily and nullified the fate by itself. One great rule is no ordinary astrologist or palmist can do anything to cutshort or enhance the life of a person. The life span is not in the hands of a normal person , except sadgurus or masters. But these masters , saints will never play or use this life extending things, unless there are compelling reasons for the benefit of mankind.



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