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Monday, March 5, 2007

Know thyself from scriptures, religious books

namaaz prayer

Our forefathers, our elders, sages, saints have written pious scriptures in which they have mentioned valuable points, commands and instructions for our benefit. These are to help you to know thyself. When the instruction is going to be difficult to understand, easy examples are provided along with the command or instructions. This is to avoid the confusion in you for knowing thyself through the instructions. Hundreds of years have been spent by the forefathers , and gathered most useful information for you to know thyself and achieve the goal in this life.
Bible, quoran, Bhavadgeetha etc are all of this category. We treat them pious, worship them and have fear for every line in that. We should not be afraid of these but get full benefit of these for self realization. If you donot know thyself, or fail to know thyself by without reading referring to these or misunuderstanding these scriptures, it would be a big curse for your life. What we have to do is, take up any interesting relegious book, read through them, try to understand them, or get help for a learned person in understanding them. Mostly , every thing in that book can not be understood easily. Because the great saints, sages speak in such a way that their words will have more than one meaning in each of the line they speak or write.After understanding the information, from the selected religious book, you have to try to implement them in day to day life for knowing thyself. Otherwise, we do not get much benefit.

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