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Monday, February 5, 2007

Shirdi sai baba-new spiritualism

Shirdi sai baba is the most influencing relegious guru in this world, for the past century. He is also known as shirdi wale sai baba, sai maharaj, sadguru sai baba. He lived in Shirid, maharashtra, India from 1820 to 1905 approximately. No one exactly knows who were his parents and what was his age.There is another great sai baba from Puttaparthi, andhra pradesh who is also influencing the relegious, spiritual movement of this Bharat, India for the past 50 years or so. In fact, sai baba from puttaparthi (known as sri satya sai baba) declared tht he is the reincarnation of shirdi sai baba. He also declared that he would take birth as prema sai baba , in karnataka state, india after another 20 years.This is part of His devine cosmic plan to establish the righteousness, to protect the degrading human values and to show the mankind the goal and the path to realize themselves.
Shirdi sai baba, satya sai baba and prema sai baba or various combinations of siva and sakthi. shirdi sai baba is complete incarnation of sakthi (parvathi,kali), satya sai baba is the combination of siva and sakthi and prema sai baba would be pure siva form.It is  true to the extent possible.It is noticed the feet of satya sai baba glow with golden shine even at the age of 70, which is impossible to any human being.Shirdi saibaba incarnation changed the course and path of the indian spirtitualism. It has shown a different path and made the practices simpler to the modern man. Shirdi sai baba started his cosmic drama as a phakir (muslim renouncer who live on alms) and spent his entire life in a deprecated mosque in shirdi. From there, through his teachings and life, he created a new method of worship, gave new dimensions to self realization. Now his followers are spread across the globe and the desciples, believers are increasing day by day. Entire india might be having thousands of temples for him and millions of followers to Him. He stressed on simple living, reaslizing oneself through good deeds and mind control. He stressed the importance of belief in Guru and just following the guru to cross the ocean of life which is full of whales and sharks. He never prescribed any mantra or puja specially. Just remembering Him always and offering every thing to Him before consuming are the paths he has shown to purify us. His teachings are very lucid and easy to practice but His personality was difficult to understand as he was getting anger suddenly, peculiar behaviour at times. He is also believed as the incarnation of Dattatreya. He used to have dhuni (a sacred fire always burning). His entire story is well recorded in "sai satcharitra" and followers read this great book daily and they get good results because of this.


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