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Monday, June 23, 2008

know thyself

know thyself
know thyself to know about every thing. The main purpose of your coming into this world is to know thyself and to avoid the further cycle of birth and death as per the eternal eastern philosophy. Thats why know thyself is the supreme command in to spiritual practices. If you know about all the world without knowing thyself, it would be simple waste of energy and time. The creation what we see outside you is in you also. When you know thyself , clearly, completely, then this truth would be revealed. Nothing is outside what is not in you.

know thyself quotes
Different know thyself quotes are available from all over the world. Socrates clearly ordered to know thyself by way of questioning. Thalmes, aristotle and all greek philosophers got the cue from eastern masters, and vedas the truth of knowing ones self and stressed on this. similarly chinese quotations say that know yourself to know fully about others. Latin principles also confirmed this know thyself importance and urgency. Delphi also joined this bandwagon in insisiting to know thyslef. so, we need not enquire who said know thyself and who omitted know thyself command is immaterial. All the gyanis, masters, saints , avatars said know thyself.

How to know thyself:
It is very difficult to know thyself from books or thinking.. because the enquiry who am i should be started.. one guru, master is required to initiate your quest, search to know thyself. He will govern your progress and guide you wherever you are stopped.

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Blogger Shell said...

To know thyself one must first find their origination and the Originator. Every Master artist and Creator creates something with purpose. God Created each individual with purpose, so in order to know who you are and for me to know who I am, We need to know the creator. Knowing the creator will be our starting place of knowing why we were created, thus we will know thyself!

October 28, 2011 at 7:54 AM  

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