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Monday, February 5, 2007

Lakshmi, the Godess of Riches

Hindu mythology, vedic philosophy has an interesting concept or entity of Lakshmi, the godess of Riches . This concept of godess worship is rare in other spiritualism in other parts of the world. The concept has very deep meaning. Though many subtle forms of Lakshmi are available, mainly eight forms are very important. They are called Asta lakshmis (eight forms of lakshmi). These are symobolising very important sections of riches. Richness comes from different areas and will be in different forms. Rich ness should never be identified just with money.
Every thing which are important to make you really rich and Happy are identified as forms of Lakshmi. The forms are Adi lakshmi ( The basic virtue),Dhanya Lakshmi (riches from paddy, crops), Dhana Lakshmi( money from gold, dollars,silver,gems), Dhairya Lakshmi( Valour),Santana Lakshmi (offsprings), soubhagya Lakshmi ( favour, destiny,good luck),Gaja Lakshmi(horses,carts,cattle,vehicles), vidya lakshmi (knowledge,wisdom). To become a man really rich and to be happy, one should achieve all these stages. Then only one can be really happy and useful to others for helping them in need. If you just achieve only dollars,as is the case now a days, without caring for other forms, you will not be happy in your mind and always feel something lacking .
How to achieve these? First we have to understand the eight forms and their importance and grow longing for these , with reverence to the godess who controls these powers or who herself is the entity of these powers. Why we meditate in the form of a female ? Because these riches are not permanent and change hands. One rich man today can be a poor man tomorrow.This is identified as a female characteristic , which is comparatively fickle. It doesnot mean women are fickle, but a symbolic notation for fickle, fast changing are noted as femenine. When you worship a Godess and become rich, dont stop there. Proceed for final self realization. These riches are materialistic so, all the mundane things and belonging to this world only are symbolically shown as female godess. But one secret truth is, a Godess can be pleased in a easy way .
In the same way, she can be upset also easily. How people please the Godess of riches is by loving her, by worshipping her with relevant mantras, by never disgracing her by any means. For example, never belittle money or never show signs of neglecting the money.In other words you have to worship every form of richness as godess. Another point is your house and all your habits should be very clean. If your house is not clean or your appearance is not clean, the godess would not like to stay with you. Important mantras used to please Godess Lakshmi are: Sri suktam, Lakshmi Sahasra namavali (1000 name worship of Lakshmi), very useful books on mantras can be had Here some interesting aspects of mother godess worship has been written by one american writer"Linda Johnsen". some information can be had at


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