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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Prarabda Karma- Part of Past Karma

guru dattatreya
It is unfortunate that we always expect to fulfill our agenda of 100% for our issues .you expect that your Guru , wife, children, office staff Subordinates should act as per your way of thinking . If any difference found, then we remove them from our list. Or antagonize them. Feel bad about their approach.
Sri Sukhabhodhaananda told in a discourse meeting, that a devotee came and asked him why he was playing Volley Ball. A Guru should not play games as per that desciple’s knowledge, so he removed swami Sukbodhananda as guru on that day onwards from his mind. Swami said with smiling face that there was no rule that Guru should not play volley ball as there was no volley ball during Vedic time and he was also least bothered whether that person accepted or not accepted him as Guru.
First of all , a sishya (disciple)should bother for Guru’s Knowledge and how he is teaching only and not bother about his dress and other things.
The world is in existence before you’re born and also exists after your death also. So you must always remember that you are a guest in this world and never expect world to act as per your wishes, whims and fancies.
I got opportunity to study VISHNU PURANAM which was telecast by Ravi Chopra who produced Maha Bharatam. In that, an 8 year boy DRUVA went to forest for TAPAS (penance) for DHARSHAN of VISHUNU. While he was doing TAPAS and facing lot of difficulties. Then Laxmidevi requested Vishnu to give DHARSHAN as he was 8 years old only and did many years TAPAS for his DHARSHAN. VISHNU said with smiling that BRAHAMA is the person who creates creation and also decides when Vishnu Darashn happens, as recorded with his birth , according to his prarabda KARMA i.e. the result of their good and bad actions which is as per the cosmic rule. Vishnu also told “Even Brahma or My self can not relax though it was made By us”.
Present Law makers try to break rules for their selfish motives.
Great devotees like RAMANA Maharshi, RAMAKRISHNA PARAMAHAMSA were also suffered from their deceases. But never prayed to remove the trouble. As Ramakrishna Parmahams told his devotees that PRARABDA Karma expires by consuming it only. But God gives enough strength to devotees to face them. Nobody can escape from Prarabda.
Bhaktas like Raman, SATYA SAI BABA are realized that they are not body or mind and only CHAITANYA.So they never bother about body or mind problems
We don’t know the PRARABDA Karma of our self and sivananda

God only Know PRARABDA Karma of all people and gives fruits of our past PUNAYA or PAPA Karma at appropriate time which makes success or failures of our works. So in Bhagavid Geeta, the one important Verse which we have to chant during our Leisure times as many times as possible is KARMANYEVA ADHIKARISTE …………. .The meaning is: To DO YOUR DUTY WITH OUT EXPECTING the RESULT On your Deed as like
Our effort is only ----75%%
Our PRARABDA Karma’s Effect which may be either (+25% OR --25%)
Total Result Either 100% Or 50%.
We are success on our work if we get 100% Or We get Failure if our result is 50%. So our success or failure will depend as per above table. If GOD gives +25%, then we will success or If God gives ----ve according our PRARABDA, we will get failure in our deeds.
Due to lack of Knowledge WE will blame persons, time and Society.
You are only the responsible person,for Your Happy or Sorrow while others are NIMITHA MATRA (just an excuse, pretext ).
GOD only Knows when to be punished as per PRARABDA and Cosmic law but not our personal Agenda.
--J Muralidhara Rao



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