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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Perception makes the difference

The angle in which we see:
Many incidents that occur in our life, day to day, will appear as you see them. Mostly, unless we are seasoned with highlever spiritual guidance and practice, we see every incident in our way, read the meaning from our mental dictionary, apply colors from our pallette. So, we can not understand why some thing has happend to us and we start treating it as a problem and we go on feeling mental agony.
When your dearest person does something, that pained you in a way. You have lots of thoughts questioning why he did like that. More than that, your ego instigates you to retaliate his action and keeping him away from you.
But if you see the same act from his or her side, it may appear differently..From third person angle it may be a smallest triavial matter.
Think about the super God's angle.. i dont know how it looks, but it may look as a meaningless passing cloud.
So, i think, it is waste of life to think about any happened incident and hope it should have happend otherway. Take it as it is and look at it just as it is.. This is told by gurus too.
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