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Sunday, May 20, 2012

sree bhashyam Appalachari guru

sri bhashyam appalachari
Sri bhashyam appalachari garu is a wonderful matured saint and pious man. he lived for about 82 years as a desciple of Sree Rama, in and around kakinada. He dedicated his life to preaching of the great epic Ramayana, till his last breath. He was soo simple in living and very high in thinking. I listened his discourses on ramayana and was spell bound for his dedication and committment. He was a great sanskrit scholar. He is my 4 th guru, in influencing my life . He gave wonderful discourses in telugu language on ramayana, bhagawata and other epics.



Blogger చక్రవర్తి said...

నా గురోరధికం.

ఇలాంటి భోదక గురువు గురించి వ్రాసిన మీరు చాలా మంచి పని చేసాను. ఇలాంటి గురువుకి శిష్యుడైనందులకు మీ జన్మ ధన్యమైంది.

September 10, 2012 at 10:31 AM  

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