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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healers are there in this world who pray for the cure of sick people and may cure them. Some use holy water to cure, some touch and cure and some pray to get well soon. If we consider this phenomena of curing, healing of sick people, there appears two special categories.
one , people pray to God , take God's grace and heal the people. It is like bank balance , when they heal, their grace may reduce or may increase because they are doing selfless service.
second variety of faith healing is, spontaneous, without waiting for God's grace. Great avatars, yogis, masters have attained a stage that their thought to cure itself would cure, heal the sick person. They may show some excuse or tool for curing but their thought itself cures. Examples are there from shirdi sai charitra, An autobiography of a yogi etc.
Jesus chritst also cured, healed many people who had faith in Him. He also told that their faith only healed them. Some great saints pray that if the god's will is there, the sick would get cured. Automatically the sick gets cured, because of the ardent urge by the saint, and God's love towards the saint.



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