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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Miracle story

Swami vivekananda mentioned two miracles in his speech in USA for the US audience. Once he visited a person in india, along with his few of friends. The person who has some powers, asked every body to write what ever they like in some piece of paper and keep it secretely . All the people with swami vivekananda wrote in different languages, some verses, including a verse from quoran which the person under test does not know. AFter that, the person read out each paper without seeing it. Further, in a second test, the person asked every one to keep a blank piece of paper in their pocket. Then each person who are testing him, asked a question and the answer appeared on the paper which had been kept folded in his own pocket. None could know how this was possible, but the great yogi vivekananda testified it, as he has seen. Then another time, he heard that there was a great person with some magical powers. He went with his friend, or his fellow spiritual seekers to visit this person. The person with magical powers was working as an employee in some department. He was asked to remove all clothes and other items, to make sure that he is not getting any help from external sources, in performing these magics or miracles. He is almost bare body and he was suffering from fever at that time, so he was just given a blanket to cover himself for protecting from cold. Then the person who is having the miracles power, asked every visitor to ask for any fruit what ever they want. Each of the visitor asked different, peculiar fruits, which are not grown in those areas or even in the country. Then the magician immidiately created all those fruits and offered to them. He asked them to taste also. But some people are scared to taste these magical fruits. Then the magician himself ate fruits and all the people tasted them. Those fruits were found with very good taste and fresh. Again he created baskets full of fresh roses from his blanket and the weight of thus created roses are twice his own weight. This wonder was also described by swami vivekananda who was a master of yoga, meditations. Vivekananda comments elaborately on these powers, how any one can achieve these things . Raja yoga is the name of this yoga practice. This was very famous through out india. Vivekananda also opinied that when population increases in a country like india, the powers will also reduce. There seems to be a inverse proportionality between total population and the magical powers.He also testified that in very olden days and hundreds of years back , inida was full of people with different magical powers, siddhis, which help to do miracles.