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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

raise and fall of musharaf

musharaf came to power by throwing down the democratic leader parwarej and ruled pakistan for about 7 years under military rule. His coming to power was a miracle as well as losing his post back to democracy. He is a military man and loves his uniform very much. Time was very favourable to him to run the country under his power (military rule). In a referendum he got favourable votes and he continued his ruling and kept pakistan in dark . He wrote a book also as if he was going to be a historic figure. But , times changed. The destiny is not favourable. He had to give way to the changes. The power is slipping from his hands. His own men in army are disowning him. sooner or later he will go into exile, which is the only recourse left to him. The lesson learnt is that never think any power, position as your permananent thing. Your own hair and teeth are not staying with you till you die , then what is this power?


Encounter specialist met his end

Two days back an ACP (rajbir)who was notorious for encounter killings, was shot dead by a real estate dealer in Delhi. This is an interesting news. The ACP till now killed 56 people under the fake encounters. One movie also was made by ram gopal verma with the name ab tak chappan. The life story episode of this ACP teaches us one thing. If you kill you will also be killed by some one, in a worst manner. Your life loses the real value. This ACP became very corrupt and extorting money from people. He was having many pending enquiries. Human rights association decried his actions. Now he met his worst part of his life . This may be engineered by some more local people. The ACP security was almost Z category. I dont know why such notorious person requires that much costly security at the cost of people's money. The funny thing is, when his death time approached , he himself sent away his security persons, and prepared himself unknowingly to quit the world in miserable way. what we learn? simple life is better than a life like a parasite. sandalwood smuggler veerappan too met his miserable death after evading the police for a decade . He killed hundred elephants for their ivory tusks. But finally he left the world like a mad dog shooted out. he too left the world with empty hands.