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Monday, September 11, 2006

guru poornima- guru's day

Guru poornima is very auspicious day for all spiritual aspirants. Today , on this ashadha full moon day, the desciples, followers worship their guru , whom they believe fully . It is a day celebrated relegiously to honour our guru and to get his blessings in our spiritual endeavour and struggle. I remember, this day has got more significance from the advent of Shirdi sai baba as he suggested to perform the guru pooja (worship of master) then and there to him only, treating him as guru. Before that, people used to worship vyasa bhagawan who wrote all the epics or directly God as the guru. But , even in those days, true desciples used to worship their gurus, masters only. But common men were not practicing it. But after shirdi sai advent, common men used to perform this and spend the day piously. Sri satya sai is continuing this. All other gurus , presently on earch now are also worshipped by their followers , all over the world.

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