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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Modern writers with ancient philosophy

The philosophy, theology, God , mental power creeps into great self help books also. When you go through the two great, new york best selling books,viz. Rich Dad and Poor Da d and Secrets of a Millionaire Mind, one important aspect has been stressed by these two books. Book No.1: Rich dad and Poor Dad by robert kiyosaki. He suggests many methods how to earn money, how to do business, how to evade taxes legally etc. But while mentioning these techniques, he tells that it is important to give, donate to God or charity agencies so as to receive back in multiples . He confirmed that he also practised it and donates to the relegious activities or to God . He confirmed by this that the concept of Action , reaction principle taught by satya sai baba. Sai baba Teaching: All the world, the happenings around you are only reaction and reflections to your actions. Book No.2. Secrets of the millionaire mind by T.Harv Eker . In this, he suggests that you have to pray into the sky, "give me some portion of that which others reject to accept, it you think that benefits me". He says, many people are not ready to receive , what they can by the grace of god. So, many blessings, many wealth opportunities come on to us and bounce back since we are not ready to accept , mentally. If you pray as said before, you will get it. He suggests, be ready to accept (opposite to giving). Never have a feeling that i will not accept . Have a positive feeling for accepting. (hindu monks never accept donations under the rule of asteyam(not stealing), aparigraham (not taking some body's thing even given). Anyway, the author suggested this way.He cautioned not to have conflicting wishes. some times we want some thing, and then we change mind and dislike it. This prevents the unknown forces in the universe from pouring the grace or grant of the wish to us.

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Friday, October 27, 2006

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Thursday, October 5, 2006

God's Grace and Luck

God is an eternal witness. He will be watching the happenings in the universe without  actively involving in these events. Men are provided with extra sense which is discrimination power and they are supposed to use it and live ethically . All their deeds are monitored by God and he makes the accounts of good , bad and provides the results to them at appropriate time ( as per his calculation). This is karma theory.Now the question is , if you pray god to provide you one million dollars to do some thing will he listen and help? No, because he is eternal witness without involving in anything directly and will not show any partiality to anyone. so, how to solve this problem? All the materialistic gains, can be obtained by you only by your karmas. After praying , if you work hard to achieve the million dollars, with a belief that God is surely helping, you may achieve your target beacuse of your hard work and efforts. The person who just prayed for the million dollars from God and looking at sky to drop the money bag from heaven , may not get his wish fulfilled because God has not taken the responsibility to provide anything from heaven.
There are two things left over to explain. Luck and God's Grace.
All through your efforts luck is a factor to acheive anything, what is this? This is a pattern of events that would help you to achieve your goal with less effort .Illluck is just opposite to it. The sequence of events would provide hurdles to your effort and makes it difficult or impossible to achieve.
Now Gods grace is a power which you can accumulate by good deeds, by praising God and other relegious things. This Grace is like bank cheque book and bank is having money in your account. The cheque can be encashed and use the money to buy some thing you want. similarly, the grace earned can help you to provide luck to acheive your goal.We have to remember that eye of God will always be watching us where ever we are. We all notice that we many times do many things which we think may not be liked by God, though they are not anti social. We have to remember that these things happen because of our lack of control on mind and the force of our past karmas.We are supposed to control the force of these things and make the life vehicle to go in correct path.