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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

comment on prayer.

I received a wonderful comment from Mr Stanz , and i have provided that comment here, to discuss relevant matters, which may be interesting.I sincerely thank Mr Stanz for his wonderful comment, which 40% of the people surely agree. I too agree to that to some extent.But slight misconcept about prayer sounds in his comment which i try to clarify, if permitted.

by Stanz
what 4 .wow-what a waste of time .we go for an exam and pray to some body just to get some extra marks --foolish--hope u can pray in the bank and try to get some extra money--sure nothing but mere waste of time
work harder and think better!!!!!!!!

I humbly answer: Pray and do your duty. pray,study well and go to exam. pray that you get enough strength to cover your subject fully without sleeping or being disturbed. pray to give more energy to write what you studied or what you got as inspiration to add .
Sarveshu karyesh maam anusmara, yuddhya cha.("In all of your works , duties, pray to me and also work hard) :Lord Krishna Bhagavad geetha. Never keep a lamp in whirl wind and pray God to protect it.
One more thing. in Living with Himalayan masters, one great incident was quoted. Swami Rama was living in a hermitage in Himalayas where one more great yogi, or pundit was living. The second yogi, is always arguing that there is no god. His arguments were such strong and profound, no body could deny. Swami Rama wanted to teach a lesson to him with the help of god , if God permitted. Rama took him to deeper Himalayan mountains, which the second yogi liked to visit. Suddenly they were caught in a great snow rain, for days together. They took shelter in a small cave for days, but no signs of receeding of this snow toophan. Rama suggested to the depressed yogi,who lost his nerves and hope on life, that Rama would pray God to receed provided the second yogi agrees God exists. The second yogi, thought for some time and agreed. Rama took chance, prayed to the unseen God to receed this snow fall to convince the second yogi and to change him. Within one hour the snow fall receeded completely. The second yogi changed himself, became calm and spent his rest of life in new direction in Himalayas.
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Gayatri mantra

There is a mantra called Gayatri (gayathri also) mantra which is very famous, popular and most powerful in the
world. It is treated as the number one mantra and mother to all mantras.
This mantra is taught to all the brahmins at the age of 7, to start real worship of God and to
learn any other mantra to achieve knowledge.This mantra was kept secret from all the rest of the people who were declared as not eligible to learn. Woman are forbidden from this mantra, as they can not recite it daily because of their menstrual obstacles.
This mantra is now available to all and millions are reciting it daily, preferably 3 times a day. People recite this for atleast 108 times .The pronounciation is very important.
The advantages with this Gayatri mantra is it provides you bodily health and makes your mind pure so that you can easily grasp the meanings of any issue. Your mind will become pure and travels to higher degrees. side benefits are protecting your health and body.
Gayatri means, Gayam trayate iti gayatri. It controls all the sheaths of your body.
second meaning of gayatri is "that which protects by singing it ".
So, first advice to test or learn any mantra is to start with this.
how to start?
If you are not familiar with this mantra, just ask for help. (mention mantra name)
An mp3 music file will be sent free of cost and you can listen to it for some time. I tell you that the beat, raga, music and tune will definitely impress you.If you keep it in continuous loop and listen for 15 to 20 mts daily morning or when you feel depressed, it helps you. The meaning of the mantra , word by word will also be provided for your help.
when you start liking and enjoying, if you believe atleast a wee bit that this mantra can help you, then you will be sent the correct pronounciation of the mantra for recitation, as the song what you listen is a bit different from what you recite. Even if you recite as the song goes, that is also sufficient to achieve Peace and Wisdom.
With this Gayatri mantra, you will get definitely god's grace, but it is in indirect way. You have to accumulate it and convert into your wish fulfilment.

Philosophy Purpose

Teaching of Philosophy: From time immemorial, all the kings, and important citizens were studying philosophy. A person who knows this subject is considered as very high ranked person.Thus Philosophy of education thrived. Philosophy of education means it deals about how education system should be, what should be the tenet behind the correct and effective education system. The main goal of education , as per philosophy is proper training about the existing world and invisible worlds. It also should teach how to lead a perfect life without wasting the purpose of life. Teaching of Philosophywas taken up only by very reputed, worthy masters. They teach because they really know but never just for salary.
If you jot down all the great qualities these masters were having , it would be a big essay which can be called philosophy of essay. Birth place of philosophy is India , without any doubt. Because here, great empires flourished under the protection of ultimate philosophy, may be from atleast 60000 years from now are more than that. King janaka, who is the father in law of Lord rama is a great philosopher. He learnt the philosophy from great sages like ashta vakra. He imbibed entire philosophy into his life.They lived atleast 60000 years back. There were atleast 100+ greatest philosophers at any time in entire india .
The final result is all indians are full of vedanta or philosophy now, as they got the philosophical lessons from their forefathers , in their home itself. Every indian knows the greatest philosophical truth. A philosopher will not care for money. So , till this time, all indians never cared for money, but cared for reputation, and the word given. Now only the business, business management philosophies encroached and all the people are running after money, fecilities. Even though they run, accumulate, once in a week, they make time to sit for the preachings of their beloved guru and refresh their memories about the vedanta or philosophy.In a single word, philosophy is the greatest wealth India has and it will have forever. This is not said with any partiality, but murmured out of reverence to the great sages who walked on this earth, and preached us the greatest knowledge for free of cost.