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Sunday, May 20, 2012

sree bhashyam Appalachari guru

sri bhashyam appalachari
Sri bhashyam appalachari garu is a wonderful matured saint and pious man. he lived for about 82 years as a desciple of Sree Rama, in and around kakinada. He dedicated his life to preaching of the great epic Ramayana, till his last breath. He was soo simple in living and very high in thinking. I listened his discourses on ramayana and was spell bound for his dedication and committment. He was a great sanskrit scholar. He is my 4 th guru, in influencing my life . He gave wonderful discourses in telugu language on ramayana, bhagawata and other epics.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Man of Miracles

Sri satyasai baba is an avatar who took birth in this age.
His life is full of miracles. An australian howerd murphet gave a
detailed account of the miracles,happend in his presence .
This book helps us to know how the supreme atma behaves when it
takes a human body and the powers it shows to achieve its objectives.
This shows the other side of our life and the powers of God, saints
strongly advised to keep a copy of this book, while trying to know ourselves.
sathya saibaba always preached to know thyself.

Sai Baba Man of Miraclesknow thyself books



Friday, May 4, 2012

A Book that definitely changes you!!

know thyself book an autobiography of yogiThe book Autobiography by yogi is a really wonderful book and one must have in his possession
to start to know about himself. When you start reading it, you can not stop to take intervel .
This book describes how a man can achieve powers, how much effort he has to put. Yoganandas guru yukteswar
describes in details lots of important matters like horoscopes, planet influence on us, remedies ,truth in that,
jesus christ bible story real meanings .. etc. This book gives account of lots of yogis whom the author personally
met and included the photographs. Author gives his personal examples of life after death, rebirth.
Keep this text book with you and read then you will appreciate my strong recommendation for this.