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Saturday, January 19, 2008

visit to ramana ashram

bhagawan ramana maharshi ashram inside in tiruvannamalai
Recently i have been to tiruvannamalai and visited bhagawan sri ramana maharshi ashram too , which is in that tiruvannamalai city, in tamilnadu. I have lot of respect , reverence for bhagawan ramana maharshi because i heard His greatness through famous, reliable saints and seers like sundara chaitanyananda . So i paid a visit to His (ramana maharshi) asram. It is was very placid, clear, saintly and good place to worship. They are (desciples) are worshipping the idols, shivalinga just like any temple but the maintanance and the sanctity of atmosphere around ashram was very poius. Desciples are silently meditating and praying in the main hall. the fragrance of agarbatti is very wonderful.peacocks of two three different colors are wandering in the ashram precincts without fear. i observed one white peacock too.
i purchased one book and one dvd to know about ramana maharshi. Infact, his path of know thyself or find the origin of "I" was very difficult for me to follow, though i fully agree it is the correct path.After coming home, i made some time to play the dvd and that presentation in that dvd was really capturing

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