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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Method of worship

methods of worship occupies prominenet role.Though the mind or bhava is important for any worship, the way the area decorated, the attitude of the worship plays important role. when the worship place is decorated carefully with respect, it increases the faith and the increased faith increases the benefits of the pooja or worship


Monday, September 5, 2005

Shirdi Sai Baba changed the course of spiritualism

The spiritual world has got a great change with the advent of Shri Shirdi Sai baba. He has changed the course and definitions of the worship, guru and realization.  shirdi sai baba is also refered as baba . He made the small village shirdi, in maharastra , India as his abode to create a great culture in Indian spiritual world which further crept to all over the world.
He was born in 1830 approximately, and lived for about 80 years in the same place. originally he appears to be born in Muslim relegion but his followers , desciples are from Hindu and muslim relegions, as well as from other relegions.All his life he spent in the small , old mosque and teaching , helping his desciples directly and indirectly.
Shirdi saibaba has many powers and considered as an avatar of siva. He cured many diseases just by his word. He used to tell the future . He clearly defined the method of worship, the definition of brhma gyan, the guru shisys relation and every thing. He dispelled many myths about the god and divinity. He always appeared to be angry or quirksome and his moods used to change very fast.
The speciality of shirdi saibaba is that most of his teachings , words, dialogue is very cryptic,esoteric and was a bit difficult to understand for a layman. The book Sai Satcharitra was written by Hemadpant and it tells all details about shirdi sai baba in a lucid way. This book is a parayan granth for all the desciples. That means, the followers use to read , recite this book daily. If you complete the reading in 7 days, it is called saptaham and it helps to achieve your goals and targets by providing you extra energy in the form of grace.