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Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Books to Know thyself

To know thyself, we need the help of some very good books. These are written by great seers who struggled and knew themselves. These books act as sign post, directing us the path to travel.One among them is An autobiography of a yogi. This book has really changed my life. It is an auto biography of swami yogananda, where he met many saints in India, and also many unknown yogis who got powers and succeeded in knowing themselves. I strongly recommend to Buy these books
1.Autobiography of a Yogi books to know thyself- yogi autobiography

-Parama hamsa yogananda
know thyself through yogi auto biography book
know thyself through discourses

Another book also threw me into a dream like world.
Living with the Himalayan Mastersbook to know thyself help book
This introduces how the indian yogis live and how the universe responds to their wishes and commands. Keep one copy of this book, it is 100 times worth its price.
Yogi Rama wrote this worthy book and it is one of the most authenticated account of yogis, and persons who knew themselves or atma saakshatkara.

One book written by self realized yogi, avatar Meher Baba is unique book for all who want to know themselves or start journey in that direction. The book DiscoursesDiscourses for knowing self
gives entire subject of this spiritual sadhana, God, Prayer,meditation what not? every thing defined aptly, like Newton defined dynamic laws. Must buy.Keep this book with you and when time is available just spend one hour. You will learn a lot in that one hour.