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Monday, February 6, 2006

Palmistry extra ordinary subject.

when we talk about the astrology, palmistry we should definitely mention Cheiro whose original name is Count Louis Hamon. He did lot of research to learn this palmistry , astrology from india, and finally became a great astrologer or palmist who can say the past ,present and future. I read his Palmistry guid also where he mentions some incidents . He predicted the capital punishment to one rich person and also suggested that the punishment will be converted to some small punishment. It will be quite interesting to read his observations in this subject. Palmistry was told as a gift given to mankind by samudra (sea god).
All the kings, emperors based on this astrology and palmistry for their future predictions. You remember julius caesar story sooth sayer who warned about the ides of March. But he could not escape the dangers .
I read another book by another great Palmist "vanamali" . once he saw some beggars begging infront of his house. he saw one hand of a beggar who stretched it for money. vanamali, being a great palmist with god worship, immidiately noticed great fortune in that hand which should not to be for a beggar. He caught hold of the hand and questioned him who he was. The beggar revealed that he was a police officer in mufty or disguise to watch the movements of politicians to this vanamali's house.
learning palmistry thoroughly alone will not be sufficient to do well inthat field. If he or she has the god worship in serious way, then that helps his mind to catch the point quickly and analyse properly.If we treat this subject as ordinary subject we are mistaken. These subjects of some type of extra ordinary subjects. unfortunately entire internet world is full of cheats under the name of astrologists. They dont know what they are doing.
Infact,there is no meaning for daily horoscope. It is waste also.horscope should be considered separately from individual to individual. The quacks in this field speak what ever they like, to the persons who ask some questions regarding their horoscope. But the words will have great impact on many innocent people who take them very seriously.
shirdi baba context: In the satcharitra( the pious book) it is written that a great palmist who came along with Booty, wanted to see the palm of shirdi baba, but baba never allowed him to see.
one saying is the influence of planets ceases after the age of 100. Because the program is only upto 100 years.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Mesothelioma- prayer alone is the alternative:

Some times people appear to be punished for their innocence. Suppose many people work in the atmospheres that expose them to asbestos fiber environment. They inhale it and get the deadly disease Mesothelioma even after 20 to 30 years after the exposure. In Asian countries, I think still workers are working in this asbestos exposure and they may have the chance of the mesothelioma . Because of this, their lungs get effected and fluid enters in to the lungs. lung capacity also changes as shown: In almost all cases , this will be latent for 20 years or above. This is like cancer only. If some body gets this because of his innocent exposure, somewhere decades back, how he has to react? Will he not resort to Prayer to the God almighty to help? What effort if he puts now can cure this deadly thing from him?


Friday, February 3, 2006

Why to Salute God?

"You will realize Me only when you keep Me in your mind, pray to Me with devotion, think of Me, salute Me, concentrate and meditate upon Me in full faith." (Gita 9-34)
A very important verse from Geetha (Bhagawad Gita) for self realization and to protect us from the clutches of maya and perishing.
One aspect is interesting to watch. Normal man will not find any objection to all the directives like think of me, surrender to me but when the Lord says Salute to me, it raises a slight question in the inner minds of many.
why should we salute? what he gets by my salute? What he looses if i dont salute? Even if i agree to salute how many times i should?
The reason , perhaps for these questions in mind , is , in our world, we salute to some one out of acceptance of soverignity of the other. Normally nobody likes to accept another person as great. so, though he salutes to any living entity, he feels some thing in his mind.Even when God directed him to salute, his monkey mind frowns at God!
If you go a bit deeper, Lord Krishna said "mam namaskuru". This may be translated as salute or something else. namaskuru can also mean, na maha kuru, declare not mine, ; namaha is also translated as not mine ( na=not mah=mine). so, when you live by denying that every thing you see and feel is not yours , that may also can become namaskar to God. Even this thought is enough for Him to rescue us. Salutation need not be with hand or body. Mind is the best organ to reach God. This type of namaskar, or salutation leads us to detachment and God can easily show us the way to kaivalyam or salvation.