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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gayatri Mata -Gayatri Upasana

Goddess Gayatri Mata

Gayatri mantra is the supreme goddess to worship. Who should worship?Who ever wants to get their brain imparted extra intelligence to distinguish between filthy and eternal, valuable issues.By the grace of Goddess Gayatri , the sadhaka or seeker can get body strength, health and then pure intelligence which helps to travel in right path for liberation. The secret associated with the image of gayatri is explained here. The secret is revealed in meditation. if we see the hands of the gayatri Devi we find different weapons/instruments which help us, sadhakas.

The first hand , left side shows her feet, directing us to worship her feet . The rosary in the next hand indicates that we have to japa or recite the gayatri mantra to start travel in the path. The hunter in the next hand is used by Her to keep our attention focused , as she slightly punishes us when we go in wrong directions. Just as a rider on horse controls the horse to reach destination.
If the travel is satisfactory, she uses the axe in her hand to cut off the bonds , hurdles one after another in a span of few years. When some of the bonds are being removed with the axe, she uses the conch shell in the other hand (left side of Her), to give us the sruti knowledge, or vedic knowledge as it is a must to gain this knowledge for liberation or advancement. Conch shell indicates the sound, or the best sound in the world. Now about the Right Hand weapons: After the advancement of sadhaka , as mentioned above, the club in the lower hand of Devi, will be used to smash or crush the sadhaka enemies.

 The enemies can be people or objects or events. But this happens only after advancement in worship of gayatri through mantra. After a long time of worship , she gives the amrita in the bowl of her hand. This amrita helps you to walk fearlessly through the death. You will lose the fear of death. The sadhaka faces death with a smile, as he got by this time necessary knowledge . The Flower in her right hand indicates the gifts that she can give at this time. Gifts can be powers, objects or any useful things for sadhaka.Finally the sudarshan chakram in her hand gives the sadhaka the experience of different worlds. Goddess herself reveals to him in form or without form.
These things happen in sequence order mentioned above.

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