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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What is a Good Life?

Good and bad are two relative terms.. what is good and what is bad changes from time to time and place to place..But a learned wise man, or saint can tell you what is good and what is bad for all times for all men. These sayings formed into epics or sacred texts. A good life should fulfil the objective of your coming into this world. Your good life living should give you happiness and should have no repentances at the time of leaving this body. To lead such a good life, many many methods were described in sacred texts like geetha, quoran and bible , zendavista.
More than that, great saints , avatars, seers commented on these truths. All these truths evolved from a single truth. A truth is that exists always at all places.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quotes of Jiddu Krishna murthy

jiddu krishnamurthi the great philosopher mostly lived in france, quotes from his speeches and writing to enlighten us.
1.The thought process brings about psychological progress in time, but is it real, as real as chronological time? And, can we use that time which is of the mind as a means of understanding the eternal, the timeless? Because, as I said, happiness is not of yesterday, happiness is not the product of time, happiness is always in the present, a timeless state. I do not know if you have noticed that, when you have ecstasy, a creative joy, a series of bright clouds surrounded by dark clouds, in that moment there is no time: there is only the immediate present. But the mind, coming in after the experiencing in the present, remembers and wishes to continue it, gathering more and more of itself, thereby creating time. So, time is created by 'the more', time is acquisition. And, time is also detachment, which is still an acquisition of the mind; therefore, merely disciplining the mind in time, conditioning thought within the framework of time, which is memory, surely does not reveal that which is timeless.
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Perception makes the difference

The angle in which we see:
Many incidents that occur in our life, day to day, will appear as you see them. Mostly, unless we are seasoned with highlever spiritual guidance and practice, we see every incident in our way, read the meaning from our mental dictionary, apply colors from our pallette. So, we can not understand why some thing has happend to us and we start treating it as a problem and we go on feeling mental agony.
When your dearest person does something, that pained you in a way. You have lots of thoughts questioning why he did like that. More than that, your ego instigates you to retaliate his action and keeping him away from you.
But if you see the same act from his or her side, it may appear differently..From third person angle it may be a smallest triavial matter.
Think about the super God's angle.. i dont know how it looks, but it may look as a meaningless passing cloud.
So, i think, it is waste of life to think about any happened incident and hope it should have happend otherway. Take it as it is and look at it just as it is.. This is told by gurus too.
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spiritual Growth

lord krishna is the head for all spiritual growth activities.

Why Spiritual Growth ?
Spiritual growth is mandatory to every human being because the purpose of our coming into this world is to realize about you, then about the creation which is nothing but the creator. Spiritual growth implies that there would be a starting, and ending for this event. And a way too.. When your mind is free from disturbances, pulls and pushes, the spiritual growth would be faster. The urge for spiritual advancement itself is the begining of the journey. Spiritual masters preachings are the guide posts in the journey. Saints, avatars show the spiritual direction. Only a spiritual man can take up this challenging assignment but all should take up one day or other this .