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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The three gurus i Follow

When you try to know thyself, you need a guru. Without guru, it is very difficult or one way impossible to realise oneself, or travel in correct path.The gurus should be very knowledgeble and sincerely practicing the spiritual principles with committment. They should also come from guru parampara. If one says he has no guru, then we may have to suspect him.
I have three gurus whom i follow relegiously. They are Sri Sundara chaitanyananda, Sri chaganti koteswararao,and sri samavedam shanmukha sharma. These three trio gurus are each an ocean and they can lead you to your goal in self realization. We have to listen to their discourses days and days together. Understand properly what they teach and mean. Put into practice. That changes the entire life.