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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Emotional Intelligence

When we are determined to get more wealth, we should condition ourselves. This is obviously stressed by kiyosaki in his excellent book Cash quadrants. The real capitalists are not carried away by emotions. They will have emotional intellegenc as well as financial intellegence. When they take decisions for investment, they take risks. When they loose they do not get upset but learn some lessions from that failure. Similarly when they gain profit , then too they will not be jumping but would be very calm as if it is part of the game. This is an important quality to achieve anything as per robert kiyosaki. The same was also stressed by the author of millionaire's mind. He says that you can not become rich through your efforts if the same are driven by anger, revenge or sorrow. You should be poise while playing the game. In philosophy too, Lord krishna, the ultimate master of philosophy stresses that you should be calm in gain and profit. "Samam kritwa labha nasthau..." he says which means, take equally the loss and gain, the pain and joy. The person who takes all the duals as equal is called "muni" or "sthita prajna" which means the person with wisdom. So, it can be infered that either to achieve some thing in this materialistic world or in spiritual world, one should become equanimous and then attempt. The decisions should be made with logic but not with sentiment. Most of the times, sentiment plays greater role and it dominates 80 percent of our decisions. In such cases , it is difficult to grow rich. Robin sharma says, emotions lead to actions where as logic leads to conclusions. When we want to do some thing, emotion is definitely required , but we should be watchful. one important lesson what robert kiyosaki gives is, to achieve a goal we should follow the priniciple of BE, DO, HAVE. That means, if you set any goal, first you should become that person mentally. You should change your thinking, habits into that role. Then do your action plan. As a result, you will have the result. This is true for any goal like becoming physically fit, earning wealth or becoming a spiritual master.

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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Crime and Punishment!

one friend today commented on my ways of karma-Jessica case published his comment  I guess we are fooling ourselves with that logic. As a society we donot do our dharma and we come up with all sorts of justification for allowing these kind of injustice and we pay the price for it. So let us not blame HIM and do something to punish the criminals - anonymous.
I liked this comment because lot of information is hidden in this comment though it appears otherwise.
I dont say the guilty should not be punished. He should be punished. But How and By whom?That is the question. As jesus rightly said (first time in the world), he who never committed a mistake should come first and punish him. ok, Thats why he is really great and enlightened guru Only such gurus alone speak extempore some universal rules/statements which are more powerful than the sacred texts.
my argument is : every person, without second thought demand to hang or punish or kill the accused or guilty. This is the primary stage of civilization. when you advance a bit by constent upgradation of your knowledge of the Truth, universe, we think in a bit civilized way. In second stage we think this way. "who am i to punish? By my punishment can i restore the loss that happend?" can you bring back the life of Jessica? no.
Ok, to prevent further such killings, the guilt has to be punished. This fits in to the wild law of eye for eye and tooth for tooth.(exchange rate changes from country to country , time to time!)
How many people would you throw behind bars, like this? as many as you can. But wait a minute, suppose if you use the same culprit/guilty to act against this crime in future it serves two purposes. The culprit would be punished and it reduces the recurrence of similar act.
In otherwords, if the guilty is asked to propogate the subject of being gentle and humble with women and giving up of alchohol from town to town for a period of 5 years, it definitely brings some change in the scenario. He should be sentenced to market this gospel and work hard to spread this all through the country at his own expenses.More over, he should be sentenced never to touch alchohol in this period which would be greatest punishment for such a rich and drunkard person.
Similary if you consider the Salman Case sending him to jail will serve no purpose to the communities of human and buck. If he is sentenced to rear one single buck and ordered to make them one dozen or two dozens and to publicise the concept of prevention of cruelty to animals in bigway through his hilms, he also would like to do and both the communities get benefitted.
Finally what i humbly present my friend is if we can supress our wish of judging some body in any way, and think a while for a better justice, the world gets benefitted.
Please also think how an enlightened guru acts in such circumastances for meeting the justice.