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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Spiritual LIfe Insurance

Insurance is known to every one. We all insure lot of things. Insurance of life, insurance of health, insurance of property, insurance of vehicles, cars, insurance of limbs and on top of these group insurance, that is insuring a group of people against some damage and compensation suitable to the damage. Normal people feel risk free, or secured when they insure. That is if any damage occurs to their valuable properties, life then they hope some compensation would be available. But what about real insurance of life. That is the worldly life insurance pays the compensation to the nearest kith and kin. The wife or son or kith and kin get benefitted but the person who is paying with his hard earned money and time will never get any benefit in case of a death. But what we now talk is insuring the life that he will get full life, he fulfils the main objectives of his life, he lives long time etc. Every one likes to live long and do meaningful things that they can leave this world without regrets. But who would insure? None other than God, because He only has control on every thing, every event and He is very kind also. How to win his favour to get our life insured? We have to please Him and that is the premium we pay to Him. What are the ways to please Him? Just follow what He commanded or suggested by His words, deeds . That pleases him and your premiums definitely insure your life. Praising Him also is a good premium. This comes under another Life time Policy. All relegions agree on this policy equally. When you chant His Name , it accrues the benefits and attracts His favour which insures your Life. Just like any Life insurance policy, God also created many varieties of policies to suit all the mankind. One policy works through selfless service. Another policy works through Knowing Him which is also called Jnana Marga, the wisdom path.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

start early

Saturday, July 15, 2006

unfortunate Salman Khan

salman khan I wonder why many great and unfortunate things happen to Salman khan, the Bollywood star? He is involved in shooting of protected Bucks in safari, he loved Miss India and got loved, then rejected by her, he was charge sheeted on many petty offenses like driving carelessly, so on and so forth. While all these things going on, it would be painful for him to bear , but if you see as a history, he would be a selected person by the Destiny to shower all great and ungreat things on a single person.!! By the way, i feel another thing in his recent court verdict. He killed a buck in his safari, and it is an offense. But to harass him on that for years, and imprison him may not be a remedy for the cause of the law which was built to protect the endangered species.The buck killed is killed. If he is given a punishment of rearing 4 bucks into 100, it would be an apt punishment and the world also gets benefitted by it. now by this type of punishment, none is benefitted.