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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Purpose Of Life

what is life, any purpose? how we spend , what we ignore, loose, how to do, what others told Life is very valuable to every human being in particular and to any living being in general. Every one, every being loves its life and struggles to live. Every one tries to save his life at any cost. This implies that life is the most valuable and important one in this world, as long as we live. To sustain, people take up different professions, jobs and earn money. To live in a better way, they invent, learn new techniques and arts to make living more comfortable and meaningful. But the basic question is why we live. What is the objective of living. What is the purpose behing this entire life. Is it just mere accident we came in to this world and go away from here. We have no choice while coming into this world. we have no control while we depart from here. Then what control do we have on us? what we can do on this life? When we study the entire universe, we can know that there is order in every thing. A purpose behind every thing. Some we can not understand with our limited perspective senses or knowledge. The sun emitting heat and light for the earth planet, creating climates systematically, not revolving, the atmosphere around earth, rains every thing confirms the order and the purpose. The entire science is only to explore the existing orders, purpose behind them. The creator is very very wise and he has perfect planning, order , objective behind every creation. So, there must be objective behind our life too. The objective is very complicated but in simple terms know thyself. Know yourself and your true nature. Then you can automatically where from you came and where you are going. The purpose of life is to achieve higher evolution. The final state in the evolution of a living being is reaching Godly status or reaching its original form. Reaching here means, not physically but spiritual evolution to the highest standards. The evolution starts from mineral, rock stage and passes through all types of living forms with an objective of reaching the Godly state. The last but one stage is Human form where you have been blessed with intellegence, logical brain and a heart . Here, after getting all these things we have to utilize them and reach the goal of self realization. Some times this objective may not be fulfilled in one life. But , what ever effort you put now and achieve some thing, would be carried forward to next life and can be continued from there. So, we know now that there is a clear objective behind our life. This is confirmed by all the scriptures, relegions, sacred texts and it is the truth beyond any doubt.

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Friday, November 3, 2006

Vaastu Shastra & Feng Shui

vastu shastra fengshui room  

Old sciences and technologies identified that the arrangement of objects imparts properties to the composite object made up of these individual objects. The science is called Vaastu Shastra in India (also known as vastu shastra) and Feng shui in china. Both the sciences almost aim at same thing and approach from slightly different angle. Vaastu shastra is very much believed even now and strictly followed in constructions of houses.People are with strong belief that any house constructed without following the vastu shastra technology is doomed and invite lots of troubles , freely. Feng shui also stresses the same thing. It is imperative, to harness the amazing power of nature and live in tune with it since we ourselves are evolved from nature, we live in nature and would perish and return back to nature. Records and scriptures are full of testimonials from all people from all walks of life,on how Vastu helped them reap great benefits.

Be it a home, office, factory or a commercial block, Vastu has been known to reward the follower with benefits and protection from ill effects of life and unpredictable effects of nature. We live in, and are surrounded by, various types of energy fields which operate freely in open space. When we place a structure in our establishment, the equilibrium is affected. Vastu helps in so designing the structure that it ensures a harmonious flow of energy in the building and restoration of that equilibrium. Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Vedic Science for construction of premises based on the forces and elements of nature. We can harness the positive energies and vibrations once the Vastu Shastra principles are incorporated within our homes and commercial work premises. This leads us to an atmosphere & environment where we experience harmony, peace, good health and success.
other Names for vastu: This is originally called stapatya ved, and further referred as vaastu, vastu, vaastu shastra, vastu vidya, vedic architecture.

Is Vastu Shastra True?
We know , as per atomic theory, the property of an element depends on the configuration of electrons in an atom. The position of one single electron in the outer most orbit provides highest stability to the atom and the element becomes inert , like argon. The atom with higher valency, because of lonely single charged particles will have more bondage and form more combinations with other atoms. There will be sharing of electrons among atoms to establish strong bonds. When this is true, in the universe, defined by God, how can we not believe that the position of some building blocks in different array, configuration can not have an effect with a special properties.?
Similarly, in a sentence , the position of word changes the meaning. The position of comma may change meaning. Eg. "Stop not , hang." is made up of three words. The same words when arranged differently, " stop, hang not." is giving different meaning. Even the sentence constructed by human beings, the arrangement of the words (building blocks), position is giving different properties (meanings) , why not the real estate buildings? See this sentence: God is no where, and God is now here. just changing and replacing the letter (one single block) "w" , the sentence gives a completely different meaning. So, it is existing in the creation, that the position of any element, or building block is very important for the properties of the combination of that blocks. So, vaastu shastra is true, and Feng shui is also true to large extent.  Benefits from Vaastu shastra or Feng shui
Vaastu Shastra defines where the fire for cooking should be located. Where water can flow , where heavy weights can be placed and where can not be placed. How many doors should be there for a room. Door to window ratios. In which direction entrance should be there. Always preferred to have entrance to east or north. That is when we enter into our house, we should be facing east or North. I have seen many houses which faced great mishaps when their vastu is not good. The troubles that a bad vaastu invites are like continuous ill health, sudden deaths, bankruptcy etc. If a house is already with bad vaastu, that can be changed with some modifications, which would reduce the ill effects. In india, 98% people surely follow this vaastu shastra . Without fear, how can all people follow a rule? When every one strongly believes out of their own experiences, then only these would be followed.
Feng shui is from china. That also indicates the same things, but in still lesser depth. It suggests what should be there in dining room, how the beds of a couple should be (should not be separted, nor made of two cots joined). Feng shui advises to have small bamboo plant in house, a frog toy, laughing budhdha idol, acquarium for the good of the home. Placing a poster of fruits, eatables in a dining room would be good .So, if any body has interest , this is a great area to research and explore with realistic data.
Countries also have vaastu, based on their sorrounding hills, flowing rivers. The great himalayas are a great asset to India and because of these great devine mountains on north sides, india flourished in civilization for milliniums. The other countries separated from composite India (that is india of 1800), like burma, pakistan, sri lanka, afghanistan, bangla desh are not flourishing but suffering with internal fights and became head ach for world peace. Separating from good vaastu and declaring independency ,(attracting different vastu) would change their fate. The vaastu of lebonon, israel are also interesting to watch because of their continuous fights.
Presently lot of constructions in Great Britan, Canada are going on with vastu consultancy. They are providing vastu pyramid also for increasing the harmony and to increase flow of money with good vibrations.